Tuesday, 7 January 2014

perseverance 16" x 20"

oils on canvas
if interested please send your bid to rahinaqh@gmail.com

Another boot portrait... I have done several of these and I really don't know what it is about boots that continuously attracts me. Definitely a portrait rather than a still life.


  1. Rahina, you have been doing some really incredible work!!! I so apologize for missing so much! the boots, the portraits, everything is just AMAZING!!! thank YOU for the inspiration and hugs right back!!

    1. thank you Suz :) i know what it is like, sometimes twenty four hours is just not enough time ... :)

  2. You really are doing some nice work on both your portraiture and these boot paintings.

  3. Oooooh Coooooool! Very cool! I think I like the 2014 rahina qr ; )
    Yeah, I think boots are your 'signature subject'. You have done a lot so keep 'um coming.
    Definitely a portrait as you said. Well worn and worked-in. I especially like the low angle here, as we see them from under the curled toes and the way they are turned to one side... very alive!
    Keep painting....

  4. thank you David and good to hear from you. i do enjoy painting boots especially old worn out ones. best wishes r.


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