Thursday, 23 May 2013

the last time 12" x 16"

oils on canvas
if interested please send your bid to

i have been working on this between other things.... and i am glad i only worked on it in the zone....


  1. Where the heck did everybody go?

    I love your boot paintings.
    The limited palette here adds to their well-worn character, color would interfere. They look as though they are not yet done working.
    It is in the rendering of the subject and the application of the paint that quality is found.
    And that quality itself moves it beyond a mere depiction of boots. That is the unique rahina q.h.

    Keep painting...

  2. thanks David for the kind comment.... i am glad the painting appeals to you :)

  3. this is just wonderful, i love the feeling it evokes. beautifully done!

  4. thank you Suz.... appreciate your thoughts on this :)


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