Wednesday, 3 April 2013

aurora IV 9" x 12"

oils on canvas


if interested please send your bid to
minimum bid $50 (plus postage)


  1. Rahina!
    Aurora lV is beautiful! Great skill! Great technique!
    Love the mood! Fantastic lights and darks! Reminds me of the masters!

  2. Wow Rahina! This recent portrait series are so different from your past work, I like them. They make for a great group together. Is this a new direction for you? Experimentation?

    I think you are on to something here. I like to see work that completely changes directions from an artists usual mode, it has a way of making their work stronger even if returning to previous working methods or styles. It certainly takes courage to try the unfamiliar then show the world.

    This one you have captured that subtlety of expression within the bold treatment of paint and color (the red).
    Nice work!
    ... and just in the nick of time! We all thought were going to be attending another 'Blog Funeral' ; )

    Keep painting...

  3. Thank you Michael for your kind comments: always so positive and make me realise how painting touches us all and so often not expressed......appreciate it :)

    hi David, good to hear from you.... i don't know if this is a new direction or experimentation: this style was appropriate for this subject i guess and i must admit i enjoyed working with such bold contrast. I do enjoy posting on the blog and have a few more paintings coming up so not quite dead yet ;) thank you for your thoughts David :)

  4. Only I am allowed to paint black backgrounds butterfly ;-)

  5. Mr Brown, if you note there is a huge difference in your black and my black.... mine was done with a yard brush whereas yours are done with girly brushes ;)


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