Thursday, 22 November 2012

still going strong 16" x 12"

oils on canvas


i usually use my own compositions and set things up for my paintings but this is based on a set up I saw in a DVD recently. I don't know how the artist painted these.... this is my interpretation.... a portrait of walking boots.


  1. Great use of the value range and complementary colour producing an image of real impact.

  2. thank you Mick... very kind of you to say so :) it is interesting that we might stare at inanimate objects for a long time and not realise the effect they have on us until we open up to it and suddenly they are as alive as we are :)

  3. Rahina!
    It is good to see your work again! (For some reason I wasn't getting anything from your blog in a long time!)
    I love this piece. It is full of mystery and magic!
    Reminds me so much of the old masters! I love the darks! They truly make the lights sparkle.
    The drama in this work reminds me of early Van Gogh pieces!

  4. Thank you Michael. I appreciate your thoughts on this.

  5. rahina... Rock and Roll!
    You nailed this one... are you holding out on us!?
    Bravo Michael said it all perfectly... mystery...magic... old masters... (I'll add but still contemporary to that one)... darks make light sparkle... drama...

    Love the inky black, especially the way you 'shape welded' the background with the shoe shadow, that really gives it some conviction. Great design of your shapes with the right degree of color chroma. And the laces, very thoughtfully and playfully arranged.

    Keep painting...
    (Stop holding out on us!)

    P.S. This one needs to be entered into some (online) competition, there are plenty going on at any one time, seriously, don't wait, there is one out there for this!
    Do it!... Do it now!

  6. Hi David, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It is already sold so I guess it is going to be difficult to get it back for the purpose of a competition. I am, however, on the look out for more old footwear in the hope of doing another soon.

    Meanwhile another portrait is just about ready to be posted ;)

  7. rahina,
    Sold... excellent! I'm not surprised.
    Still says for sale in post....

    Find footwear... do more.
    Post portrait.

    Keep painting...

  8. Happiest of holidays, Rahina, and a wish for all good things in the new year.

  9. Hi David, will do.... good advice.. getting there :)

    Hi Don, thank you and best wishes and a Happy New Year to you also.

  10. rahina,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Mark painting as SOLD
    Keep painting...

    And for Christmas This year I'm giving you this capitol "R" for your name.

  11. thanks David... opps i forgot ;) ....and Merry Christmas and good wishes for the New Year to you too :)
    and thank you for the big r though i don't think i will be able to carry it ;)

  12. I just Love Your Blog.Please update more often.

  13. there you go Peggy... updated :) and glad you enjoy the blog, i shall ahve to make more effort in future

  14. Great post. I like all the paintings . Excellent post.


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