Monday, 13 August 2012

unsaid 16" x 20"

oils on canvas FOR SALE if interested please send your bid to the expression says it all i guess... with the hands on the table slightly clutched and anxious yet able... the smell of paint and linseed and turps and a brush in your hand... that is a good feeling :)


  1. !... I was beginning to think you left your blog in the Abandoned Blog Bog for putzy facebook like Janet did!
    Nice work here, You definitely nailed it with the subtle underlying tension.
    On the previous one... did you delete the original post/painting?
    Keep painting...

  2. thanks Michael, so glad you like it!

    hi David, good to hear from you and thank you for your thoughts on this painting. in the previous painting, i have redone quite a few passages and changed some things.
    as for leaving the blog, well i really can't do that: i have just been unable to do as much painting as i would like to due to my day job taking up so much of my time.

    1. ...but what happened to the original posted painting "Lazy afternoon..."?

    2. David this is the original 'Lazy afternoon...'. I have just redone some parts and enhanced others... well that was the thinking behind it... what is it that sparks your curiousity? I'd love to know ;)

    3. ... I went to look for the original post of the painting before these changes but could not find it. I remember it being posted at some point.
      As an artist myself I too make changes to paintings over time, I have a couple laying around now that will get the same treatment (ones I was never really satisfied with), they laid around until I could figure out where to go with them.

      Sooooooo I always like to see how others handle the same situation.
      I like to see the before and after. ; )

    4. it is fortunate i did not rip 'lazy afternoon' up.... that is the case with so many paintings that i have disliked. I am more patient now and do the same as you: I leave them aside and deal with them when i am ready to do so. I have one that has been touched and retouched over several months... however, there are others that must be destroyed as they are too painful to look at!

  3. Your best for a long while GH ;-)
    I like the simple, uncluttered composition with the table between the viewer and the subject.
    The eyes are great, as usual, and I do like her right hand.

  4. Hi Rahina, lovely to see your work here again in blogging land. The painting is very beautiful, full of emotion and well painted. Hope the sun is shining with you in Glasgow it is lovely here in Moray!

  5. Hi Paul good to hear from you and get some feedback on my work too knowing you to be one of my severest critics ;) thank you for your thoughts on this.

    Thank you Caroline, i'm pushing through and hoping to get more paintings out while I can. I am on a mission with one of the most difficult subjects to sell .... portraits ;)

  6. This is a profound piece, Rahina. A searching psychological portrait, methinks. You description of hands - clutched yet anxious - is so well realized in the painting.

    But then i see (or imagine i see) other things too - the rings and bracelet that infer relationships yet the figure solitary. Is the figure safely barricaded or she trapped? The question arises from the face. The eyes are searching, fixing us with a strong gaze, but yet there is a hint of pleading in them. The mouth is resolute yet also vulnerable. You'll probably laughing and wondering what has he been on, lolz.

    So pleased to hear youre not abandoning blogging. My blogging has been very sporadic as i only have weeks left in which to finish writing a paper and completing a large painting towards my final assessment. So we all paint and blog as life best permits. But i always enjoy coming by to see your fabulous portraits.

  7. Harry, you read portraits as some read books... but with insight which has been honed from experience of paint.... thank you for your interpretation...
    as for blogging... i try to get on when i can and hope to be able to get on more often.
    thank you again.


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