Sunday, 15 January 2012

study of dreams 2/xii 15" x 20"

removed for rethinking

oils on canvas
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a heatwave in Brooklyn
the scene is set
won't you sit down?


  1. rahina, this is an astounding work of art. one of your best in my opinion. simply wonderful to look at. congratulations on a masterful piece.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the wistful look you have captured on her face, Rahina. I'm enjoying your portraits placed in a setting (this one makes me think of "Study of Dreams ix"). I love the lightness of her left side closest to the bright sun coming in the window in contrast to the shadows of her back and arm closest to the wall. Lovely work.

  3. what i love about your work is your great ability to actualize a honest moment.


  4. Rahina,
    This is a very different palette from recent work. Is this a new direction, experimenting? Here we see a lighter, airier canvas.
    Or maybe you were responding to the heatwave subject.

    I like the casual nature of the figure, despite the heat wave she must endure.
    Very nice communicating the heatwave without resorting to only warm tones.
    The clothing, hair pulled back, arms away from body and that pop of red all do that.
    Keep painting

  5. thank you Gary, glad you do!

    thank you Suz, you are too kind... it was quite a challenge dealing with so many different materials and their particular features: silky satin, water, glass, metal etc as well as skin tones ;)

    thank you Nicki, and i'm happy you see a theme with SoD2ix as it was in the same vein that this was painted: a person within a scene. the balance of light and dark meant going over all passages til the luminosity of the colours was balanced... well that's what i hoped to achieve.

    what a lovely thing to say Robert... very honest on your part and to tell you the truth, often my paintings are exploring just that on a psychological level and it is wonderful to hear you say that. thank you.

    thank you Anthony, pleased you like it :)

    thank you David for your insightful comment: my palette, i can not say i am a stickler for a particular palette and respond to the demands of the subject. perhaps more interesting to me is the balance of luminosity of colours: some reds bounce out as i wanted them to whereas others remain quite dulled and retreat (well i hope they do). Experimenting? yesss, always, and never tiring of it... i guess the title gives you some idea of where i am. perhaps when my knowledge of Roman numerals comes to an end, i will rest on my laurels ;)
    there is quite a lot of green in this painting eg in the face and skin in general: it was a mish-mash of so many colours and i needed to unite it in someway... thus the reds and the splashes of green... it had to read as a symphony with echos of a theme.
    thank you for your thoughts for me to rethink why i did what i did.

  6. Very nice Rahina. I really like the feeling you captured and the expression on her face. Yes, I'll come sit down!

  7. Hi Rahina, my first impression on your extremely fine painting is WOW! Beautifully drawn and painted. My only thought is about the elipse of the top of the glass that has the red drink in it and the fact that the arm is not finished behind it. The rest of the painting is out standing. I really like the direction your work is going at the moment. The model almost has your eyes yet it is not you.

  8. Yeah! I'd love to. Sit down I mean. Such a relaxed pose, the setting, everything looks "just right."

  9. I love the atmosphere in this painting, relaxed yet expectant and the way you've handled details, for instance the cast shadow of the fork, the place settings with the spoon on the diagonal, the contrast between the two liquids - one water and one red but unidentified - some ambiguity here - I like that and the way the reds are repeated. The flesh tones are delicate -the positioning of the hand, feeling of weight, all beautifully painted.

  10. hi Susan, you are most welcome... there is a glass of ice cold spring water on the other side of the table with your name on it ;)

    thank you Caroline for your objective feedback... if i was given a life and death challenge: paint a glass or a face, guess which one i would go for (and only because the other would never be quite right;). i agree with the glass and trying to figure out how to sort it effectively without overdoing it. the arm may just have been bleached out a bit too much in the photo (another problem is the photographing of paintings!). let me think on that one after a few days of serenading this painting;) as for the eyes, they are not mine but i remember reading somewhere that the artist does tend to put part of themselves into a painting without realising it... so you have a good point there.

    hi A.Decker, great, now what would you like to start with? ;) we have...... (voice fades into distance;)

    thank you Page, i'm glad you like it. your thoughts and your visit is appreciated :)

    thank you Marcia, you have pointed at some of my favourite passages and ones that i felt most vulnerable doing, especially the metal and the shadows... what colour would have worked best? the colours were again a thread that had to run with a meaning which i leave for the viewer to decide. i am glad you also see weight in the hand, something that i often fear i might overlook.

  11. Very lovely, Rahina. And once again, it reminds me of someone I know--an old friend. Because you somehow can breathe life into these portraits they often seem like someone I should know.

  12. thank you Don, i wonder if you might know her as she lives in the States;) appreciate your thoughts.

  13. hi David, I have taken the painting down for some readjustments... hopefully it will be back again soon :)

  14. I didn't get to see your work but it sounds like everyone loved it. I'll check back and I hope your adjustments please you.

  15. Hows the painting going?
    Gonna show us something new?


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