Monday, 5 December 2011

study of dreams 2/viii 16" x 20"

oils on canvas

it started snowing today... which should make this Wyoming cowboy feel right at home.
i have been working on this for over three weeks as well as another painting which is still not finished...
things seem to be happening to my way of seeing so i am taking a lot longer to complete each painting.
when is a painting done? i look at the number of paintings i produced in previous years and i promise you, i probably spend more hours at the easel now than i did in the past (average of 8 hours or more per day). i wonder where i am going with this new metamorphosis in sight...


  1. I like the painting a lot. I’m not sure I have the patience to stay on one subject for so long, although I have noticed it’s taking me longer too, to get to that point of deciding when a piece is done.

  2. Wonderful painting Rahina, it really is perfect. He has such a warm personality, you have captured this so well. The clothes are nicely painted too. Yes, this is a real winner for me. Only 3.5 hours at the easel for me today, I have been troubled with very sore shoulders and a headache. But I did enjoy my painting.

  3. rahina, this is just wonderful!! beautifully done. everything about it is so inviting! bravo.

  4. Hi Rahina, love the colours and the character in this. It is funny you should say that about taking longer. I am finding that my drawing is taking longer too. Hopefully (for me) it indicates that "seeing" is changing and developing.

  5. Such fresh color. His gaze is warm and intense at the same Gary said, I think I know him!

  6. OK... I see it, more time at the easel per painting... this at 16x20 so no surprise, previous ones 12x16 usually (interesting your'e in the UK and use inches).

    As well as a nearly full figure, coupled with your new direction, experiments into different palettes, applications, etc recently, the last two paintings especially.

    I see the subtle changes taking place..."this new metamorphosis".

    I know you would prefer more continuous time at the easel, without the break from for weeks at a time, but you must be giving it much thought while your'e away.

    Lookin' good pardner... keep painting! Yee Haa!

  7. hi Anthony, thanks for your thoughts... i agree it has been a long time working on this painting and most paintings i have done recently, but it was either to get it right or destroy it. btw, there was another one that i already destroyed before this one and that took about five days before i decided to it was going in the wrong direction and beyond help;)

    hi Caroline, thank you:) i hope you are feeling better soon. i think we forget time when we are painting... for that reason i have even put a large wall clock up to help me keep in touch with the rest of the world.

    thank you Suz, i'm glad it talks to you at another level:)

    hi Gary, i'm glad you know him because if you didn't i would be a little worried;)

    thank you Sheila, i am sure there is a change and development that is going on and the direction that you are taking in recent paintings clearly suggests this. i have a clear idea of what i want to achieve and it is this image that keeps me tied to a painting for longer periods of time.

    thank you Don, i was lucky not to mess up the colour with the number of layers here. yep, i think you know this guy and glad you recognise him;)

    thanks for your thoughts and for the laugh David:) i think most of the time was spent on the face which is not very large. the clothes and background were a challenge as i usually work on faces but i do enjoy working on the flow of material, the indulations and folds and the play of light and shadow.

  8. This is a superb portrait of one of the warmest and nicest artist/photographers I can think of that I've 'met' on Facebook. So great to see him honored this way! A very special person rendered with such sensitivity and skill, makes me happy.

  9. Hi Rahina,
    Great painting and congrats on the sale! Sorry to learn that it's snowing--that is, unless you're okay with it.
    Can't wait to see the other work-in-progress!

  10. thank you Camille, i'm glad you like it and it affects you in a positive way:) Yes, Gary K is a wonderful artist but i realised while painting this that it can be very difficult to paint someone you have not met in person.

    thank you Gary, and since i posted this, the snow has disappeared and been replaced my 100mph winds coming in from the atlantic and blowing Scotland to bits! Our First Minister said that Scotland is a resilient country;) the next painting is still on the easel, might be finished soon;)

  11. Wow! Awesome portrait of Gary. You've so captured his warmth and humor. Beautifully done, Rahina. Brava!

  12. thank you Liz, i'm glad you like it though it is rather a challenge to paint someone you have never met! i think the character was all i had to go on from his love of nature, his sense of humour and his humanity. i hope some of this is encompassed in this painting.


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