Friday, 9 December 2011

study of dreams 2/ ix 17" x 13"

oils on canvas
If you would like to purchase this painting, please send your bid to

a small shop, full of the most unique handmade waistcoats, goatskin handbags as soft as soft can be, hats that seemed to have come from a century ago in enticing colours, bits of this and bits of that and gentle music ....and it was all because of her vision.... and down a narrow winding staircase, in the basement, she showed me her workshop, a low ceiling held up by beams hundreds of years old, a tiny Vemeer window, and silks, cottons and tweeds that could have been brought from travels around the world and stored in this Aladdin's cave.... and all this on a street near Micklegate in the old town of York, England.

for sale, 6" x 7" approx.

just a quick little study of a rugged face that caught my attention


  1. Both are beautiful works yet the small expressive portrait sketch is to me truely special.

  2. A wonderful experience for you Rahina and a wonderful painting to show for it!!!

  3. Hi Rahina,
    Both of these are truly wonderful paintings. You have chosen your subjects well. I am so pleased to be able to enlarge the photos, as the "new look" to my blog doesn't feature this ability.
    The looks on their faces have been beautifully expressed, evidence of your interest in them.
    Stunning work, Rahina.

  4. damn girl you are AMAZING!!! both pieces are simply outstanding!

  5. Whoa, I love everything about that woman painting. Lovely work. She reminds me of an old love which makes it even more meaningful.

    Great painting, Rahina.

  6. Both wonderful paintings, Rahina. I especially love how the top one tells a story.

  7. The lady cutting cloth - I don't know if it's the tonality or the style - something about it looks...vintage. I mean, it has that "Great Old Painting" feel about it.
    I'm tryin' to say why I like it but, whatever; I like it.

  8. hi Jim, thank you, i appreciate your visit and comment.

    thank you Caroline, i hope you feel better soon.

    thank you Marcia, yes, it was a fascinating experience. i am constantly on the look out for topics for a painting and although we have so much going on around us continually, trying to capture a moment in paint is complex. makes me wonder about the lengths that the old masters went to, to achieve the compositions they did.

    thank you Gary, i appreciate you taking time to examine the faces in detail. i don't like what google calls 'the light box' which doesn't allow enlargement of images so i changed that setting. i'm glad you have found it useful:)

    Suz, you don't half make me smile;) thank you!

    hey thanks Bill! now i'm just wondering if your wife would mind if you bought it? i think you should ask her...;)

    Janelle, thank you, i'm delighted you like it and it has meaning to you.

    hi A. Decker, it does have that kind of feeling about it... sometimes when you like something, it doesn't need explanation:)

  9. Really impressive both paintings Rahina. In the first I have always loved hand sewing, feeling it was something women have done down the centuries without much change in the technology. Your painting conveys that eternal quietness. The colours in the second are lovely. What medium did you do it in?

  10. hi Sheila, thank you for your thoughts on these paintings. it is interesting that the dressmaker was very much absorbed in what she was doing resulting in a comfortable silence. for the small painting i used a mix of turps and linseed oil, rather as you would for an underpainting. if this hadn't finished in a day, subsequent layers would have required linseed oil or painting medium. i hope that helps.

  11. Very nice Rahina. I especially like how you handled the seamstress. You were telling me about your plans to do it and you carried it off. Can't wait to see more of paintings along these lines. They are very human interest oriented. Love it.

  12. thank you Gary... the problem often is in setting the composition up and getting the correct lighting and even then i often find i miss something somewhere.. but it is all part of the journey and we learn. hopefully there will be more in a similar vein if i don't go off on a tangent;)

  13. Wow!
    Your art work is brilliant!
    I not only love your technique and your ability to paint well but also the emotion you capture in your art.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your work with the world.

  14. Je te félicite de rendre hommage à ces métiers précieux de l'artisanat. Métiers, si éloignés de la lumière et de la gloire et qui pourtant, demandent la pratique artistique, bien des fois.
    Ta création est surprenant de beauté.



  15. Thank you Michael for your visit and your kind thoughts on my work. truly appreciated. looking forward to seeing more of those beautiful seascapes:)

    Merci Roger, your work is very special and i wonder if i would paint knowing the weather might blow my work away? That takes courage, and the real artist's courage is quite unique.

  16. Both are wonderful. You really caught the expression in the portrait. Fabulous!

  17. Beautiful work. I love the colors you use in the skin tones and the expressions you were able to achieve.

  18. Rahina ,
    This is a great story accompanying the painting.
    I like her quiet intent you have captured here.
    Reminds me very much of watching my Dad work on his projects out in the garage growing up.

    Also reminds me of series Burt Silverman does of tailors and similar professions.

    And I finally have to ask... What is the basis for your painting titles 'study of dreams...'

  19. thank you Mary for your visit and your thoughts on these paintings.

    thank you Maria and welcome to my blog. often i find it is the subject that dictates the colours i use rather than any particular formula of my own.

    thanks David, i'm glad the painting brought back some good memories for you. the title is one that i hold on to like one holds on to crevices in rocks to climb a mountain or grip a parachute as you pretend to fly. one day if i turn a corner and reach another stage, i'll change the title... perhaps study of dreams series 3? each is a step in the direction of a dream i hope to achieve.

  20. Rahina, both of these are beautiful ... I LOVE your use of color in the smaller sketch. And the woman cutting the cloth is so masterful ... the textures of the three different fabrics -- the bolt, the vest and the shirt -- and the concentration on her face, wonderful! This one is my new favorite of yours!

  21. thank you Karen...she was a wonderful patient model who worked so well with all i demanded;) i am so glad you like it too as it is special to me also.

  22. This one arrived today, a surprise gift from my husband, and I just about keeled over ... I can't believe I get to have this in my home where I can see it every day! it's so beautiful ... even more radiant in person. Her face and hair are absolutely luminous! Many thanks and hugs, Rahina!

  23. I'm so glad you are happy with it Karen.... it couldn't have gone to a better family and thank you for your continued support .... :)

  24. I really like your painting and art. But i loved your description of the tailor shop in York, i even went on Google maps to look it up (i found out a lot of York is being used as a retirement home). I am following your blog now.

  25. Thank you Sundersartwork for visiting and leaving your thoughts on my work. And yes, York is a wonderful place and this shop is located next to Ken Spelman a bookshop on Micklegate. I don't think you can see it on google maps because it hasn't been open very long.

  26. Rahina!

    The thing I like most about the first painting is that you're capturing her in mid-work. Not a stagnant pose but a glimpse into her every life.

    Love that!


  27. hi Dean, yes it really is a glimpse in her daily life. thank you for your thoughts


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