Friday, 18 November 2011

study of dreams 2/vii 11" x 13"

oils on canvas
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this is the previous painting that i posted over a month ago, now as complete as i can go with it. i have been working on this as well as another painting continuously starting early, finishing late... content;)

the colours in the painting are of a simple palette: such a palette allows me an uncluttered skin canvas on which to develop the theme of the face and the direction i want to take your gaze and then question who is watching who.... for me the older face is as beautiful to paint as autumn must be for a landscape painter...


  1. Welcome Home, Rahina,
    It's a beautiful portrait, in a style I like very much. The look is intense, direct and powerful.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I think his left hand could do with some more work on it just to go with the rest of the painting it looks unfinished to me. The rest of the painting the face and background is very strong work. I think the older face is interesting to paint and you have done an excellent job of it Rahina.

  3. Rahina,
    Glad to see you back at the easel.
    And yes, like Gary says, the look is intense, direct, and almost confrontational, aided by the stark limited palette.

    And such a great contrast to softer "study of dreams series 2/vi" two posts ago.
    I like how your range is expanding.

    Keep painting...

  4. thanks Gary K.... but as you know, my palette changes like the Scottish weather;)

    Lokelani, thank you for your visit and thoughts:)

    hey Bill, how do you know if he is a refined gentleman... he might be a rogue... but thank you for your thoughts;)

    thanks Gary E. it was like sculpting with paint. interestingly, it is very soothing to look at in real life, having this painting stare back at you and you aren't alone...

    thanks for that feedback Caroline.... i will have to get back to it as soon as i can see and feel it again. this was more sculpted than previous paintings and i had to feel my way through this one. luckily i respond better to that than any other sense when i am painting.

    hi David, thanks for that. i don't know if my range is expanding or i am responding to the needs of the subject. being back at the easel just feels so right and i'm back on my long stints there;) the look as i said above is actually very gentle in life though it does follow you around the room;)

  5. Welcome back Rahina. It is interesting to see the final stage and where it began as an underpainting. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


  6. Rahina,
    In light of this painting and both your posts on it, check out the recent "Underpaintings" post (if You have not already).

    Portraits by Scott E. Barter. Great stuff.

  7. stunning and so powerful!!! i love the warm colors, just beautiful! bravo!!!

  8. me again! i didn't finish...i meant the warm against the deep midnight blue, just wonderful!


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