Tuesday, 11 October 2011


every now and then i have to go away for about a month at a time and the time has come to leave my easel for that period of time again. as i organised and packed i couldn't stay away from starting an underpainting... while doing this i managed to get the car washed, pruned a tree, planted some flowers for spring, cooked, cleaned and organised my books etc and yes, i still have a bag to pack!! so why start an underpainting? if you are familiar with the story of the elves and the shoemaker then i guess that is the only analogy i can find... when i get back, this painting will be waiting to be further developed as an underpainting as it is still incomplete at this stage.... and may be at the back of my mind i'm thinking some elves will come and finish it for me;)


  1. Interesting, he looks a little tense. Have you been aggravating him?

  2. Hi Rahina, thank you for your response in your last post. I thought you were a full time artist! so was very surprised to hear you sometimes struggle to find time to paint. Painting for me is about being in a very quiet place so I can concentrate on my work. Everyday busy lives makes it hard to become focused on painting. I think you do a fantastic job of your portraits, I had a vision of you standing working at your portraits all day and night for a fortnight! but it seems the fortnight you spend painting is actually for only a few hours at a time. I hope you have a good trip away and I am glad to hear that Chuck is safe and well in the studio. I understand about the self portrait which I am sure will be replaced by another new self portrait soon. Have a good trip and look forward to hearing from you in blogging world soon. When I go away I tidy up my studio and have something ready for me to do on my return too! This underpainting looks full of mystery!

  3. yep, Bill, that's exactly what i did... told him to sit still and he went into a huff;)

    hi Caroline, actually your first image was absolutely right: i spend all day and everyday in my studio. but when i have to do the day job, i have to travel away for about a month at a time. when i get back mid-november i will be painting continuously for a few months before the next stint... so i would say i am a full time artist, albeit a bad one;)
    and i tidied up my studio and scraped all the paint off my palette so it is gleaming clean for when i get back; and this painting will be waiting on the easel ....

  4. Rahina, we will miss you and we will wait patiently to see more work on this handsome underpainting.

    I don't suppose you are on your way to Canadian soil are you?

    Travel safe,

  5. hi Nicki, not Canada but if i were i would definitely let you know and go hug some of those old tree friends of yours;)

  6. thanks Mikko but a long way to go yet.... however, the feeling and emotion i wanted to convey is there to some extent.

  7. "I admire what you have done, trully a magnificent work of art!"

  8. this is an amazing beginning, a finished piece in it's own right! i will miss you, hurry back and be well!

  9. Hi Rahinah
    I stumbled up on your blog today, and totally fell in love with it. Just wanted to say your works are very beautiful and inspiring.
    I don't paint, but I love reading your descriptions about how you paint, and what is in your creative mind...

  10. hi Daniel, thank you for your thoughts... so glad you like my work.

    thank you Suz, coming back this weekend and missing painting soooo much but have been doing some charcoals in the evenings to keep my fingers and brain feeling the dimensions of faces. thank you for your thoughts on this painting which i hope to work on when i get back.

    thank you Anh for your visit and kind words on my work. i checked out your blog and it is one i will definitely visit again to try out some of those wonderful recipes!

  11. A stunning piece, Rahina. Looks almost finished to my rough and ready eyes!

    I know what you mean about elves. Then one day i discovered the elves are inside us!

    While youre away, down inside somewhere, this painting will be formenting away so that when you get back it will seem to virtually paint itself.

    Safe trip.

    Warm greetz, Harry

  12. thank you Harry and good to hear from you. i am now back from my travels and back into my painting... you are quite right about the elves;)


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