Sunday, 9 October 2011

Keith Proctor and Jack in Glasgow

i met Keith Proctor, his son Jack and his wife Debbie today at the exhibition of his paintings at Castle Galleries in Glasgow. It was great to see his paintings up close: the 'Jack' paintings are so much more full of energy in reality! Keith is a brilliant artist with a great eye for composition and play of light. and what i particularly liked about Mr Proctor was his generosity, humility and openness. Jack of course took the limelight: what we see in the painting, a child unpretentious and in his own world is what you see in reality.... this was a pleasure to see.

his paintings are well worth investing in: i watched two paintings (a print and an original) fly off the walls half an hour of each other! Check out his blog and see for yourselves:


  1. Love his work! Lucky you to see them in person and meet him as well. Thanks for sharing this, rahina. And the last post , too...always fun to find new to me painters!

  2. yes, it was great to meet Keith Cathyann. and i am glad you also liked the work of L.A. Ring:)

  3. Oooh, I'm a tad jealous, but happy for you at the same time! I love Keith's work.


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