Thursday, 8 September 2011

study of dreams series 2/iii 12" x 16"

oils on canvas

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a painting based on a sculpture in the Glasgow Art Gallery... she seemed oblivious of her frozen beauty. i guess art of art is okay since all we paint has already been sculpted by nature or people.


  1. it works! at least for my. this is an exquisite painting! beautiful job!

  2. your comment didnt get to me Rahina / Just checking that this gets to you , hope to see you at the show on the 9th Oct / all the best ... Keith

  3. You make a good point about art of art. Plus, statues hold still so much better than people. ;-)

    I really like your draughtsmanship on this one.

    Comment window seems to be fine.

  4. thank you Suzanne, i appreciate your thoughts on this painting... it was a little out of character for me to leave it so much like an underpainting though there is more than the underpainting here.

    thanks for the info Keith, blogger seems to be playing up recently.

    hi A, thank you for your kind comment on this one.. it is always useful to know how others respond to my work.

  5. I too like your drawing Rahina. And I like your concept. I do like what you are doing. A little branching out?

  6. I do think 'art of art' is very ok. I am thinking of some wonderful sculpture I saw last week in Victoria,BC that I would love to paint. This is lovely and I like the sepia monotone approach...another nice one!

  7. Gary, thanks, but you probably know i am always tinkering away with ideas in my head which come and go so i never know what might take my fancy next.

    thank you Mary, i felt like a fraud painting it til i realised it was still my interpretation and i chose which direction to paint the sculpture from. i might do another one from another direction at some later point. let's see;)


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